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I’ve never written an “About me” page before. I always assumed that whoever was coming to my site already knew me. I’ve had this site for so long now I’ve found that people I don’t know visit my site. Sometimes it’s people I used to know and they just want to see where life has sent me over the years. Bottom line today I’m going to write a bio. Enjoy…

Early Years

I was born in York, Pa on August 30th, 1977. I moved a lot when I was a kid. It seemed like I was in a different house every six months to a year. Fortunately my mother did her best to keep me in the same school district. For the most part I was in the West York Area School District. I did go to school in Red Lion, and Central School district for a little while.


Before I started my freshman year I moved to Kingsland, Ga with an Aunt and Uncle. I started that year at Bishop Kenny (a private school) in Jacksonville, Fl. I think my childhood started catching up with me at this point and my grades suffered. I transfered to the local Camden County High School in Kingsland. Being in a southern high school was quite a culture shock compared to how it was in PA. Things didn’t seem to be working out that well there so I decided to move back to Pa.

Still in my freshman year and in my 3rd high school I managed to continue not working to my potential. Shortly after I moved back home my uncle who was the closest thing I had to a father figure/big brother all my life was murdered. To make a long story short that didn’t help me at all. I spiraled downward and I’m sure there were plenty of people that were truly concerned with where my life was going.

I was supposed to be finishing my junior year and was only about half way through my softmore year. Something clicked one day when I woke up from a long night. I remember thinking to myself, “Do I want to be on the side of the road with a will work for food sign?” I decided I needed to get out of York.

I moved to Northern California in a bay area city called Oakley with another Aunt and Uncle. At that time I decided to go to a continuation school so I could work at my own pace. Socially this probably wasn’t the best idea. I was in school with a bunch of people with simular issues and it would have been easy to continue what I was doing before. However the inspiration I had woke up with that day didn’t disappear and being able to work at my own pace was something that I could take full advantage of. I ended up finishing two and a half years of school in less then a year by going to school all day, not taking lunch, and taking college courses at night.

Young Adult

My Uncle in California had his own business as an Electrician and apprenticed me for a while. All my life I wanted to go to Germany. I also knew I wanted to go to college and the only way that was going to happen was if I paid for it myself. So I decided to go into the military. I took the test and scored high enough to pick any job the Army had to offer. They originally offered me Military Intelligence as a Linguist. I really didn’t want a career at that point. I was thinking I just want to go in, have fun, get some money for college, and then if I really liked it I could re-enlist and choose more of a career type of job. So I went in the Infantry with a guarantee to be stationed in Europe and the G.I. Bill/College Fund. Because I signed up for the infantry and didn’t get airborne put in my contract I knew/believed I’d be stationed in Germany. It worked out! I think I had one of the few recruiters that actually didn’t BS me at all and if anything he told me a lot that would help me get what I wanted.

My Army experience was the best and the worst part of my life. Maybe someday I’ll elaborate on that, but right now I don’t feel like it. Basically I had the best friends, lots of free money, no real responsibility but really shitty management at work that also had the ability to affect your personal life. I was stationed in Mannheim, Germany and got to see a lot of Europe while I was there. I participated in the IFOR Bosnia peace keeping mission. Once with my own company and the second time I volunteered to go. I had a lot of fun in those three years…and some of the worst times. I definitely learned what my body/mind was capable of doing. I also got to do some really cool stuff like ski in the artic circle and the alps. While I was in I realized I didn’t want to make a career out of it, and even though it was scary to leave, I decided to get out and go back to California to take a shot at working in the music industry.

After the Army

When I got back to the states it was a pretty quick slap of reality. My Aunt said I could stay in my cousins room until she got back from Germany about a month later. So I moved into an apt with 2 girls and 3 guys and started collecting un-employment. Some guy that I knew in high school brought my future wife over to party one night. We hit it off and then for one reason or another she pretended to not have any intrest in me for about 6 months. She came over to party and hang out w/the girls I lived with so we hung out all the time. But we were always bickering and talking shit to each other (nothing has changed). My un-employment got canceled because I said I wouldn’t quit school if I got a job that interfered with school. My one room mate was a manager at Toys-R-Us and I started working 3rd shift stocking shelves and going to school all day long. I didn’t get much sleep back then.

One of the guys I lived with and I moved out of that apartment because we wanted our own place and the one couple that was living there got pregnant and wanted to try and be more family like. Shortly after I moved is when my Heather and I started dating. Jan. 14th 1999.

A couple of my friends from the Army (Stanley and Travis) came out to Cali and lived with us until Heather got pregnant with my son (Trent Douglas Schumacher April 7th 2000). Funny how history repeats itself. I was going to school to become a Studio/Sound Engineer. I figured if I couldn’t get a band together to get into the music business that this would be an honest way to work in the industry. I had an interview a major studio in Berkley, Ca. At the time they had recently done Green Day’s latest album and were finishing up the foley work for the movie, “The Sixth Sense”. I know this job could have been mine without a doubt. However partially through the interview when we started talking about money and they were offering me less than I was making at Home Depot I realized I didn’t want to wait until someone died or got fired to move up.

I always had an interest in computers so I started taking classes on networking stuff. I had a few other retail jobs while going to school (I was a cart pusher at Walmart….Oh the glory) and then started working for At&t Broadband as a cable installer. I moved up through that company pretty quick until they merged with Comcast and laid off my entire department of about 600 people. That sucked because my daughter (Kaira Sky Schumacher August 20th, 2002) was just about 4 months old and we were about to close escroe on our first house. I ended up getting a sweet separation package that paid my benifits for a year and a half, as well as paid me for 3 months like I was still working (which saved us from losing our house) and then about 30k on top of that. So I went back to school and did a few insane semesters. One of them I took 28.5 units in one semester! That shit was crazy. I managed to keep a 3.8 GPA while working full time and going to school. That one crazy semester I wasn’t working but all the rest I was. So I got a couple computer related degrees and now I’m an IT manager for an Engineering company.

Life Lessons

We ended up selling that first house and making some pretty good profit on it. However between our bad spending habits, refinancing once, and the down payment on the new house it was all gone. At that point we were debt free and in a beautiful new home on a golf course. I always referred to the community as Pleasantville. People waved when you walked or drove down the street. The kids played in the streets and ran from house to house hanging out. There were great trails right outside my door to run or ride bike on. A river that was about a five minute walk from my house that we could jump off rocks and swim in. A lake a few minutes away for swimming and bbq’ing. Honestly it was really nice to live there. Unfortunately we fell back into our bad spending habits and once Heather landed this great job we were spending that too. The economy dipped and Heather got laid off. Right around that time we tried to refinance the house to get out the interest only loan we were in but property values dropped so much our house wasn’t worth what we paid for it so the banks wouldn’t work with us. Ultimately people started loosing their homes and we started seeing people that where in similar situations not making payments on their homes and getting the banks to work with them that way. First we tried to work with the bank through the proper channels and they basically told us they couldn’t help us because we were making our payments. So we decided to stop making payments. That went on for a while and they didn’t really offer much. We hired a lawyer to help us with the renegotiation which really got us nowhere but to the point where the bank forclosed on us. At that point they said the reason they didn’t work with us was because we didn’t make our payments. Go figure.

My marriage apparently wasn’t able to withstand the bumps that came along the way. We got married very young and although I thought we could make things work. It seems that I was wrong. We both had our faults, in the end I guess it was a major life lesson on who I am, what I believe in, and how you really don’t have control of your life as much as you would like to think you do. When I look back on it I don’t feel like I wasted any time of my life or regret decisions or circumstances that caused it to end. I just think to myself I had a lot of happiness and some of the most incredible experiences of my life were experienced with someone I truly wholeheartedly loved. If I was to be upset, mad, or angry about it I think I would be would be doing a major disservice to what it was and how much it meant to me.

At this point in my life I’m just trying to get back on my feet from everything. I have my good days, and my bad days. Sometimes I have them both in the same day. For fun I like to ride mountain bike, run, ski, ride my crotch rocket, play paintball, go to the gym, and occassionally play my guitar. My music career hasn’t panned out any farther than playing at parties with friends and singing Kareoke. Honestly I’m fine with that. I’m just glad I chased my dream. I don’t have that to look back and regret.

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    Apr 30 2010

    …I like how genuine this bio is…You are a very real person.

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