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October 22, 2007

Finally Jumping Ship

I have been banging my head on the wall using Vista for the last few months. Don’t get me wrong, it looks good…but other than that I’m not too crazy about it. There are some features that I like. But nothing worth the hassle it has created for me. As far as the Pc’s at the office…we will not be upgrading. Alternatively I’ve been wanting to learn Linux for a long time. I’ve installed it a few times and played around with it but never made the leap just to make it my main OS. Since I’m basically not gaming anymore I figured there isn’t any reason not to jump off the MS ship. I downloaded Ubuntu today, and am currently creating a VMware image of my Vista install so I can run all my Windows apps on there virtually. Since I know there will be a point when I will be forced into upgrading PC’s at work to the newer MS operating system and I will have to be fluent with it, Vista will get a shadow of hope…..for the time being.

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