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August 22, 2005

20 up….20 down

Surewest has finally finished their network in my neighborhood. Today the sales guy came to our house to pitch the new service. I had already checked into it long before because I heard that they offered 10 megs up and down. That was enough to make me drowl. However when I found out that there was a 40 gig a month cap I was a little let down and wasn’t too sure if I wanted switch for the few months before we move. Then when the guy told me for and another 10 bux I could get 20 megs up and down with no bandwidth cap I just about fell out. So my appt. is set for Sept. 7th and I can not wait. I’m going to host a couple game servers for sure. The only down side is when I have to leave it all behind when the new house is built. I did hear that they might be putting service in my new neighborhood so I’ll keep you posted. That would be awesome if they do have service there!

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