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July 3, 2006

Round 2: Auburn

chestxray.jpg I went back to Auburn on Sunday and it was a blast…well most of it. If you follow my blog about a month ago I posted that I busted a few ribs. For the most part this was totally healed until yesterday. I took a spill over the handlebars that wasn’t pretty. If it wasn’t for my helmet I would have definitely been in the hospital. I twisted my ankle pretty good as well as re-injuring my ribs. I already began to forget how painful it was the last time I did this and let me tell ya…IT SUX! Other then that the ride was awesome. Did some sick downhill stuff and accomplished all the climbs in the second chainring on the front. That was a big deal to me, considering I was in my easiest gear the last time I was there. I also got a chance to ride through this tunnel/huge metal pipe culvert.jpgwhich was really wild. I had read about it on-line and it was totally different then I expected. Basically you go into this thing and can not see anything other then the light at the other end. Optically about 3/4 of the way through I started feeling like I was sinking. I hit the brakes and then finally caught a glimpse of the ground and was alright from that point. It was really scary going through the tunnel because you can’t see anything at all except for that “light at the end of the tunnel”. You just have to trust that there is nothing in the path and no sudden bumps etc.

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