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July 18, 2006


My Summer’s Best Friend

poisonoak.jpgSo far this summer almost everytime I have ridden I brushed up along my buddy here in the pic. For those of you whom are blessed not to be familar with my buddy, his name is Poison Oak. I’ve been trying one rememdy after another and eventually I will be doing some sort of moon dance, and applying ten different topical solutions, as well as washing myself after riding in about 20 different household cleaners and over-the-counter remedies. Or I will continue to try each one of these rememdies one by one until I finally find something that works for me. It just sux walking around fighting the itch while my experiment is under way. Feel free to contact me with the lyrics and steps to your favorite “No Poison Oak” moon dance! Thanks in advance.

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    Jul 19 2006

    I think Scott uses tide laundry detergent. The powder but you probably tried that already.

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    Jul 19 2006

    There’s alwase skin graph procedures….

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    Jul 25 2006

    Here is a song for you.
    Check this out.

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    Jul 28 2006

    Hey they did a thing on mythbusters about Poison Oak remedies, and the OTC ointments worked the best.
    I am lucky not to be allergic to the stuff, I have been with people on several occaisions where everyone but me got it when I went everywhere they did. Now, I’m not willing to test the theory by going up and grabbing some and I do try to be careful still…

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