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July 22, 2006

Hot as Hell

thermometer.jpgIt is just ridiculous out here today. I looked at the thermometer on the wall and it was at 117 around 1:30pm. The kids and I spent about two hours at the lake this afternoon from about 11:30am until 1:30pm. It was scorching out. We spent almost the entire time in the water, aside from the time that we spent building a pretty cool sand castle. I was going to take a picture with my camera phone but once I started getting ready to go all I could focus on was getting back to the truck to turn on the AC. It took a few minutes to get out of the water and to the truck and in that time I felt like I was ready to melt. Since it’s been so hot we decided to work on some inside stuff. We finished painting the few spots on the first floor that still needed some paint. Now we just have the rest of the second floor which is only about a third of the way done.

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