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July 26, 2006

Folsom Breakouts

breakouts.jpgLast night I rolled out to Folsom to ride with a group of riders that meets out there every week. I barely got there in time becuase I wasted too much time at home putting mp3’s onto my mp3 player that I knew I wouldn’t wear…and didn’t. Funny how sometimes you do something for a no logical reason. Anyways, I pulled up and they were explaining the ride, etc. to everyone and I barely had enough time to get my bike off the roof and chase them out of the parking lot. Then I took a turn with part of the group and before I knew it we were on a single track. I wasn’t quite ready for that and my chain-slip problem just kicked right in. I felt like such an ass stopping and screwing up other people’s ride. Because of my chain slipping and the fact that I’m just not as strong as the majority of the riders that were there I lost sight of them pretty quickly. I’m sure not knowing the trails at all didn’t help either. Enough of the excuses…lol. Anyways I just kept taking trails that I “thought” they took. Some of them were the wrong trails, and some of them were the right trails. There is a main bike path that goes to where they were going to stop and swim and that was my saving grace. I knew every time I came up to that trail that I could at least just follow that and I’d be going the correct way. I spoke with a few people and it definitely seemed like it would be a good place to meet more riders. I’m planning on making that my Tuesday night ride. They have a total of three rides they do every Tuesday at 6pm. You can check out thier site at:

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