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July 27, 2006


Just not meant to be

flattire.jpgLast night Heather and I attempted to go riding. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out. When I grabbed my bike to put it on the roof rack I noticed that the tire was flat. I didn’t have a flat tire at the end of my last ride so I assumed it was a slow leak. I just refilled my tire and figured I would change it when we got home. Loaded everything up, filled the camelbacks, got the kids in the car and we were off. We got to the begining of the ride and started unloading the kids. Trent mentioned that he didn’t have his helmet and Heather and I just stopped and looked at each other. We were already running behind schedule. I didn’t want something to happen to the kids so we packed them back up and headed back to the house and grabbed the helmets. Once we got back to the starting spot we started to unload the car. I took the buggy out and started to put the tires on it when I realized that one of the tires on the buggy was flat. DOH! Ok, no problem. Just a few more mins. to patch the tube. I patched it up. Now we are about 30 mins. behind schedule and the sun is starting to set. We took a few pics and started off. About 200 yards down the fire road I realized that my slow leak had progressed and now my tire was about to be completely flat. So we turned around again…back to the car. For some reason I was still determined to ride. I had another tube in my backpack so another 5 mins to change my tube won’t kill us. Then we can at least get a little ride in. While in the process of changing my tire Heather pointed out that the buggy tire was flat again. *%!@%#*&%(*# Ok, we are going home!

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    Jul 27 2006

    LMFAO thats fuc|<ing great!

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    Jul 28 2006

    haha that’s hilarious in a sucky sort of way!

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    Jul 28 2006

    dange man.. that sucks bigtime

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