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January 17, 2012

Garmin, oh how I have missed you!

Over the last few years since Heather and I have split up I have been missing my Garmin 305 that I used to track my mountain bike rides.  I have missed the hell out of that thing, however I was not in any kind of financial position to be able to go out and purchase a new one.  Recently Heather told me that she found it.  I was glad to hear that she had it, however I wasn’t sure if I’d see it again.  Let’s just leave it at that.  I was trying not to get my hopes up.  Low and behold she brought it back.  I am very grateful!!! So I hooked it up to my mountain bike and my single speed to be able to track my rides again.  I was planning on just using my iPhone for this but wouldn’t have the level of accuracy that I would with the Garmin.  Fortunately she returned it in time for me to be able to return the iPhone bike mounts that I just purchased over xmas.  None-the-less the mountain bike I bought for Trent several years ago is now the right size for Kaira and Trent needed a new bike.  So I picked him up a new one at REI, and tuned up the one Kaira will be riding.  We set out on a ride around the island that Katie lives on.   It was a great little outing.  Oddly enough I forgot my Garmin when we first started and I raced back to the house to grab it and catch back up while they continued the ride.  I also didn’t get the heart rate monitor synced until a little into the ride.  So here’s the data:

Sutter Island w/Kids by mtb.g33k at Garmin Connect – Details.

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