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December 15, 2005

New House…maybe

As some of you may know we are trying to buy a new house. The Sacramento market has been booming for awhile but now has been dramatically slowing down. This sux for us because in the process of buying a new house we listed our current house high because we didn’t want to have to move out in two weeks back in September when we first listed it. Houses were moving that quick back then so we didn’t want to have to rent for 8 months nor did we want to miss out on 20-30 thousand dollars that our house would have went up in value. The prices were going up so fast we didn’t want to cut ourselves short. However the market has slowed way down and now our house isn’t selling. Prices are actually dropping. So we are now at a point that we have lowered our house price to as low as we can go to still afford the new house. Plus if our house doesn’t sell soon we will loose the new one. That SUX! If it doesn’t happen it wasn’t meant to be. We’ll see what happens!

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