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December 27, 2005

Down With Red Hat

suse.gifAfter getting the server up and running Red Hat 9, I’m still struggling with the little voice in the back of my head that is saying, “Get the latest and greatest.” So, since I tried Fedora, and didn’t get very far I decided to move forward onto a completely different flavor. After reading a million websites…yeah a million…I decided to try SuSE out. If the install doesn’t go as smooth as the Red Hat install then I’ll be back to the drawing board. As far as getting the game server up and running in Linux, I’ve got that down to an art. So the only thing that can or will be a challenge is getting the OS installed. The main reason that I’m doing this is because RH9 is no longer supported, therefore, since my server is on the internet and acting as a web server it would be extremely vulnerable. I don’t want to have to worry having to redo my server cuz I’m being trampled by some old widely know bug/exploit. I’ll post the results.

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