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October 18, 2010


My Neighbors Love Me

CarvingWell, maybe not soo much. So for the last few weeks this humungous Squash has been sitting on the steps of my one neighbors apartment. Then somewhere along the line he added a pumpkin. Either way I heard the story of how the squash ended up at his house and from the likes of it he didn’t care about it too much. Besides anything that’s not bolted down outside of our apartments tends to disappear. Ok, I take back the bolted down part… catalytic converter was bolted down. Anyways back to the pumpkin. So the other night I was looking at the two of them sitting out there all lonely in the middle of the night and nobody giving them any attention and decided it was time to take immediate action. The picture is what happened. It was pretty funny. I’ve had a few of the neighbors tell me the were cracking up when they woke up and saw them like that in the morning. The one that owned them said he was a little upset at first but later saw the humor in it and was lauging about it. I thought it was really funny. However I did feel a little bad for it the next day, even though it was still funny. LOL I think I’m going to buy another pumpkin for the neighbor, but it was well worth the process and the laughter that I got out of these two vegetables.

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    Travis Corn
    Oct 19 2010

    Too Funny !!! Keep up the good work ROB. Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.

  2. avatar
    Oct 19 2010

    Catalytic converters are a hot commodity! Those bastards!!! 🙁
    Saw the pic of Trent in the jungle. He’s growing up . . . sigh . . .
    Gonna try to keep up with your blog. Like you I think Facebook is a pain in the . . .

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