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October 18, 2010

Getting back in Stride

After last week’s initial run I got back out the next day. Originally I was trying to tell myself not to run again until Wednesday. Well Tuesday I set out thinking I was just going to walk. Then somewhere between the door and where I normally start running I talked myself into running one mile. My goal was to push just to see how fast I could run one and then walk the second for a cool down. It was a little bittersweet. It was nice to see the 8:30 pace, but on the other hand that kicked the crap out of me and that’s my normal “in shape” 5 mile pace. None-the-less I was sore as hell the next two days and decided it was in my best intrest not to run. Thursday night I had dodgeball and comtiplated running however it was a combination of a long run during the day and the quick twitch running at softball that screwed up my quad a few months back so I decided to wait until Friday to run again. Friday I added a little distance and stuck with the 10 min pace. Then today I checked some of my old run maps and took off on what was measured to be 3 miles. My Nike+ is claiming it’s 2.81, either way we are only talking about a difference of what I’m guessing to be another 15-30 seconds of running so I’m not really going to get all anal about it. Today’s pace rounded out to about 9 min miles. I’m really happy about that. Basically added a mile and dropped a min in the last week. I think I must have started out way fast, and finished off slow. I was at a 9:03 when I was at the half way point and I could tell I slowed down from the start. When I rounded the corner that is about a quarter mile from the finish I was running at close to a 10 min pace. I need to work on keeping a pace the entire way through a run rather than what I did today. I could really tell I took off fast but I wasn’t sure what my pace should feel like because it’s been awhile since I’ve been running regularly. Either way, I’m glad I’ve made progress.

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