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February 8, 2010

Goodbye Pandora, Hello Slacker

Awhile back a friend of mine at work and I were talking about Pandora. He told me that he got tired of it and had been listening to this other online radio station. At the time I was really happy with Pandora and didn’t really have much of a reason to try another online radio. Now it’s been probably at least a year later and now I’ve pretty much memorized the playlists and song rotations of Pandora. So the other night I was looking for new apps like any g33ky iPhone user would do with thier spare time and I ran into an app for that other online radio station. So I figured I was getting irratated with the way Pandora just doesn’t seem to have all the songs I can hear on the radio and as I already said just repeats a lot. It seems like no matter how many bands I add or how many thumbs up/down I do it just doesn’t add any more flavor to my stations. So as of right now I’ve been listening to Slacker for a day now and as it is I’m pretty stoked with it. It has the ability to change the settings so they are more popular songs or more obscure. It will also let you choose if the hits are current or older. The setting changes that I made definietly made a big difference. It’s set up a little different than Pandora but overall it’s the same idea. So far the only down sides that I’ve noticed is there is an occasional commercial which is usually over by the time you start thinking, “commercials suck.” The other one that gets on my nerves is that there doesn’t seem to be a Windows Gadget for it. As it is I’m really happy to hear different songs and more current hits.

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