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February 4, 2010

Lesson Learned: Nike+ 5k Workouts

I’m not very happy with my Nike+ right now. Today I ran my ass off trying to beat yesterday’s run time. I set the Nike+ to a 5k workout assuming it would stop my time when I hit 5k. It’s also kind of nice when you do that instead of the open workout because it coaches you as you run. Telling you 1k, 2k, halfway, etc. So it announces, “You have reached your goal.” I stop running and walk the other 1/4 mile back to the office. At which I look at my phone so I can see how much better I did. Unfortunately it didn’t stop the time so the average and the 5k time aren’t correct. Instead it added all the time I walked and the extra distance on. Bummer…..lesson learned. I know I did a lot better though because my stop time back at the office was 35:42 Whereas yesterday’s time was 33:19 without the extra walk back to the office. So the moral of the story is stop your workout when you stop running or your data will be garbage.

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