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April 21, 2009


Facebook and Myspace integration

I’m working on getting some plugins installed to make posts to Myspace and Facebook automatically when I post here.  So I’ll work on personalizing the site a little more and fixing the broken pictures from the old posts here shortly.


Today I signed into Facebook and had a message from Adam Hupp the developer for the Facebook Connect app.  First off, I must say I was really suprised to see that, and stoked because the message said they worked out my problem with the new version 1.1.1!  This is yet another reason why Facebook is better than Myspace.

I deactivated the old version, deleted the folder off of the server, and uploaded the new plugin.  After that it worked just like it’s supposed to.

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    Apr 21 2009

    I’ve got the Facebook Connect working on my site now. So if you post a comment on a post on my site it will post it to Facebook. 🙂 Pretty cool. Now I need to finish the MySpace hooks.

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    Apr 21 2009

    Test of Facebook Connect from Robert’s website.

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    Apr 22 2009

    Testing the Facebook Connect with Firefox.

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    Apr 22 2009


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    Apr 22 2009

    Testing the Facebook Connect w/Firefox …again.

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    Apr 22 2009

    Testing the Facebook Connect on IE8 after:

    Force Reload of Template Bundle from config.php (resets ID)

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    Apr 22 2009

    Testing w/IE8 after:

    Strip nofollow from Facebook comment author links (unchecked)

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    Apr 23 2009


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    Apr 28 2009

    Testing IE8 after widget update.

  10. lol, I can’t get the integration working on my blog :/

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    May 3 2009

    comment test

  12. test

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    May 22 2009

    Testing crossposting from WordPress to Facebook on Facebook Connect ver. 1.1.1 in IE8 on Windows 7.

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