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November 25, 2008

iPhone Update

iphone.jpgI’m sitting here with my fingers crossed.  Apparently it doesn’t work to update your iPhone on a linux computer running Vista in VM.  The update failed and then so did the restore.  Thanks to Google I found out where the backup files reside and copied them over to a Windows Vista hard drive that I have.  So right now it looks as though the update is going to go through successful.  But it’s taking forever.  It failed on the Linux box by now so I think I’m safe.  Bottom line is don’t try what I did.  You may regret it.  😉

Update: The phone restored.  It said it restored my settings.  However downloaded apps are gone.  WTF?  I just bought Fuzzle and am addicted.  Hopefully there is a way to get it back.  Otherwise I guess it’s only a buck.  😉

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