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November 19, 2006


vista.pngI installed Vista on my desktop a few days ago so that I could start getting used to it, learning the new features, and also just to play with something new. So far it’s pretty cool. I don’t notice it haven’t any issues with lagging from all the cool effects, however my machine is way faster then the average persons. I have had some issues to work through. Some apps disable the Aero Glass look and I seem to be having a problem restarting and shutting down. I haven’t figured those problems out yet. I’m sure it’s fixable…but I haven’t really spent much time working on it. All in all the new OS is pretty cool and I’m impressed with a lot of the new features. It’s really easy to navigate through your file system now…and of course the new IE7 that is bundled (rip off of Firefox) is nice to have with the tabs. I like Vista…and am also excited about some of it’s new features being implemented in the workplace. There is a file recovery option that is really cool and would save so many peoples ass’s. I’m curious to see the cost for all the flavors…as well as the upgrades.

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