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Windows wants to Format GoPro (Hero3)

I have the GoPro Hero 3 Black with a 64 gig sd card in it. I haven’t had any issues with this thing in the past. However yesterday on the trail I decided to format the card using the onscreen options of the GoPro because I forgot to delete my old files off. I went through the options and it deleted them no problem. Then I proceded to video the next three hours of mountain biking.

Then this morning I plug my GoPro into my laptop and it asks to format the drive. I knew that wasn’t an option because I didn’t want to loose my videos. From there I did some searching and basically no dice. I decided to boot into Linux (Ubuntu) to see if I could see the files there. Ubuntu wouldn’t mount the drive. I tried loading some things to get exFat working. It looked like it was going to work but then just ended up with other errors.

While searching for a linux fix I ran into a Windows program that would let me connect to the camera using the WiFi. I thought I was golden. LOL, then it took me like 20 minutes to remember my WiFi password to the GoPro. Go figure, after all of that….it didn’t work. I kept searching. I eneded up running into this post that the guy said Windows was seeing the drive as RAW in Computer Management > Disk Management. I tried right clicking the drive going to properties and trying the error correcting option under tools. Nope…still wanted to format. Basically windows is thinking the disk is RAW and not exFAT. However reading a little more of the forum post the guy said that if you run command prompt in windows as admin then do a chkdsk on it you can get it to repair the card to find your files. However when you checkdisk it recognizes that it’s exFAT and will allow you to repair.

My computer recognized my goPro as the F: drive. It may be different on your computer. If you go to start and type in cmd you will see the little dos command prompt in Win7. Then right click it and choose run as administrator. The command you need to type is:

chkdsk f: /F

After that I could see the files and copy them to my machine. Thank god I didn’t loose my three hours of video from yesterday!!!