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Useful Fixes

I ran into this twice in the last few days. The first time I saw it I thought to myself I should save this so I don’t forget about it. Then I forgot….now that I ran into it again I decided to post it here for eternity.


Cindy Whitehead – Epic Mountain Biker

During the last Olympics one of the men’s finalists broke his seat and a lot of people were talking about how awesome it was that he still finished in third place.  I instantly was reminded of this story that I read about a women in the 80’s doing some ridiculous ride without a seat.  I mentioned it in a forum discussion at MTBR but when I tried to google the story I just couldn’t find a story on it.  Nor could I recall where I originally read the story.  This bummed me out because I thought that this mysterious rider from the past deserved the credit for the feat she accomplished.  None-the-less I ran into her name in an unrelated story I was reading today and it instantly rang a bell.  I did a little google search and realized that the ride was much harder than my memory recalled.  I was remembering that she did around 19 miles with no seat.  Well I was wrong.  It was about 49 miles of no seat, and she still took the win.  What an amazing story.  This excerpt from the Ibis Bicycle’s website is one of the most reputable sites I found with a story on it.

The next year the whole race moved to Mammoth, and was called the Plumline 7500, a 50 mile race that got above 11,000 feet. The most memorable part of that event was Cindy Whitehead breaking her seatpost 1 mile into the race and doing the next 49 standing up… then won the race.



Stupid Mobile Sites

I posted something for a friend on Facebook but when you check it through the Facebook mobile app it doesn’t show the same thing.  Here is what I was trying to post:


Wish List

Here is my current wish list:

Hubs in Blue 32 Hole 135MM QR

Blue Derailleur Pulleys: Quantity 2

Derailleur Bolts

Seat Post Clamp, 31.8MM Blue/Silver

Rear Wheel Quick Release Skewer Blue/Silver

White WTB Saddle

Brakes on the Truck

A Car Wash

Lefty Tool Kit



Cannondale F700 ***Update: SOLD***

Update: This didn’t last 24 hours.


Here is some photos of the Cannondale F700 hardtail that we are selling. It has a headshock with a lockout and all XT components on it. It also has brand new WTB Bronson 2.1 tires on it. This bike is light and climbs like a billy goat. None-the-less we are looking for $300 obo.


Cannondale Stem *Update: Sold*


Casey’s First 10 Miles

I took my co-worker out for a little road ride at lunch. He’s just getting back into biking and did a great job. Here’s the info: