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First Time Mountain Bikers

On Tuesday Katie and I went out to Rockville park in Fairfield with a two of our friends that wanted to try mountain biking. It was a different experience for me. I don’t remember the last time I was out with someone that was just trying to ride for the first time. It was a little of an eye opener as to where my skill level is. I tried my hardest to give them a well rounded taste of what the sport consists of without making it seem daunting. I think they got a good cross section of what the different types of riding the sport consists of. We did a little climbing, a little flowing smoothe single track, some decents and some technical sections. It was definitely eye opening for me when I was looking at the trails we were on more critically for a new rider. There are so many obstacles that don’t even register in my memory becasue to me it’s second nature. I just remember that “one” difficult spot or that trail was really fast. However when riding with them I was thinking more critically of the trail for thier experience level and several times I felt like I made the wrong decision taking them that way. Either way when it was all said and done they had a good time. Plus we went for beer and pizza afterwards which makes everything better. If you want a little chuckle check out the max speed. Apparently there was a hiccup in the matrix. None-the-less here is the ride info:



Here’s Charlie:



1000 Reasons not to come to work on Monday

My coworker has been off of work for the last month for paternity leave. Today he came back to work. What he didn’t know is that we came in on Sunday with a compressor and 1000 ballons.