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First Week of Bike Month in Review

Unknowingly I started this week out on Monday like any other week. I was originally planning on bumping up my riding to three days and running up to three as well. Unfortunately Monday was rather hectic at work and sneaking out for a lunch time run didn’t happen. Then even though I told myself I was going to go after work…well, we all know how that goes. None-the-less, Tuesday I got up and rode into work. Then as the last post mentioned I found out it was Bike Month. Just like any other man I love a competition. I also am like any other person on the planet that finds a little more motivation to do things when held accountable. So the Bike Month website that me and my fellow employee’s signed up for (Official Website) has done just that, held me accountable. It has also motivated me. Partially through the second day I decided that the 3 days a week of bike commuting that I used to calculate my pledge just wasn’t good enough. Somewhere along the line I decided it was a better idea to shoot for 4 days. Then somewhere else along the way I decided to start adding miles to the commute to make it longer. Needless to say in typical Rob fashion this is the All of my All or Nothing personality. The cool thing about it is that I was ramping up my running and commuting to help loose some extra weight I’ve put on. I wasn’t being disciplined enough on my diet though. There wouldn’t be too much arm twisting going on to talk myself into eating something crappy. I was easily justifying my bad food decisions for the calories I burned that day. Which wasn’t causing me to gain weight, however, it wasn’t causing me to loose it either.

So here I am on Friday. It’s been a long week. I did manage to stay on top of my diet all week long. This I am rather proud of. I almost said screw it a few times. My total count of bike riding commute days was 4!!! One of the days I only biked into work, but went Mt. Biking after work. The total milage for the week is 125 miles and in doing that I burned an extra 6508 calories. Once again, I’m proud of this too! However, my legs are just beat. Resting them until Tuesday sounds very appealing.

Tomorrow is my cheat day. I can’t wait. I am planning on having biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It sounds soooo good. I am also looking forward to a nice cold beer. This week has been challenging as far as the diet, commuting, and work, so it is going to be nice to have a few beers.


May is bike month

Not too long ago I ended up with a medical reason that kept me from running and riding. Even though I stopped all my physical activity I didn’t stop my seriously crappy eating habits. As of late I’ve been easing my way back into running and riding. This morning I got up and rode into work. I’m hoping for 4 days of bike commuting this week. After getting to work I got an email about May being bike month. I’m going to take some measurements tonight and make as much of an honest effort as I can at getting back in shape and loosing a the extra pounds I’ve gained. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have good news.