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Archive for October, 2011


Robot Cyclist

I ran into this today…I thought it was pretty cool.


Got my moneys worth

For one reason or another the knobbies on my rear tire started falling off. When I first noticed it I realized I was going to have to buy a new tire. However the lazy in my was just putting it off. I have ridden a few hard rides and although I noticed a few more knobbies missing I made it through the ride without any blowouts etc. So that just inspired the lazy in me to not replace the tire. This weekend I attempted to go riding out at Rockville in Fairfield. About 30 minutes into the ride I heard this loud pop. Honestly it’s been so long since I’ve had a blowout that I initially thought the my rear shock blew out on me. Then I looked down and my tire was flat. So in my head I was like, ok it’s time to swap out this tube and make it through this ride and then get a new tire. As I was changing that tube I was telling my friend about how I’ve been putting it off and it’s just like my chain that I broke a while back. I normally don’t replace my chain until it breaks. My chain broke quite some time ago and at the time I bought a new one. I just haven’t bothered putting it on because the chain hasn’t broken again. I know…doesn’t make a lot of sense but that’s my way of justifying being lazy. So a little further into the ride, low and behold the chain breaks. I knew when that first tube popped it was going to be one of those rides. Over the years of riding I just know you are either going to have a day plagued with mechanical issues or a good ride. So now the tire has blown and the chain has broken. I mentioned this super technical trail that I haven’t been on in years. So we made our way over to that side of the park to hit that trail. Fortunately my memory didn’t lead us the wrong direction. We made our way through the most technical part of the decent. Huge smiles on our faces. Then guess what? The second tube blows. At that point I didn’t feel like patching the flat and opted to walk out. Good thing we were in Rockville and it wasn’t that far away. None-the-less the image attached is my old tire. The way the knobbies were knocked of you could basically touch the tube right through the tire. I guess I got my money out of it.



Ok, I know I was practicing the shit out of my “all” about 2 weeks ago. I will make some excuses. I lost my motivation and I think the divorce court thing I am still dealing with helped with that. None-the-less, I’m planning on having fun and eating whatever for the rest of this week and the Nazi is back on Monday. Stay tuned.


Thanks Kurdt

Twist my words until I have forgotten what I have said,
Rip my heart in pieces because it’s made of paper,
Put me back in that box you have wrapped up under that tree,
Lie to me the way that I’ve grown accustomed to.

Run away, hide away, make it your way,
Help me by hurting me the way you do,

Here it is, here it is, here is.
I just wanna wanna run away, run away from here,
Help me find that I have not found,
I just want to forget it all,
Make it so I just care,
It’s what I lied to all of you about.

Yes I feel like I am god,
I know I may make you believe,
I know now that I am not…
Not that guy I lied to be.
Not that man I want to be.
Not that man that is me.

Rip these cords, feel what I feel is me.
Hurt these feelings like a stray dog,
Just put me in my place,
That place you lock up so tight,
That place that makes you turn away.

You know I’m not that man I claim to be
you know I’m not about to breathe!