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Let me Google that for you!

This site is pretty cool.  You can type in a search phrase and send it as a link to someone.  Honestly there isn’t anything more than a novel amusement, but it’s cool to see it move the fake mouse and type in the search text.  Here is the site to make your own link:

Just type your search, hit enter then copy the link below the input box.  Here is one I made so you can see it in action.



Ever want to blow up a server?

Here’s your chance to live through some other people’s experience.




Vegas Baby!

Have you seen the movie 21?  Are you ready to go to the Casino’s and be a high roller?  Just not sure your card counting skills are up to par?  Well no need to worry about brushing up, because there is a new app out for the iPhone that is will result in big wins, or just a good ass whooping by some casino henchmen.  Check it out:


When the dust settled….

It was really hard to see for awhile.  When the dust settled it was easier to see.  Even though the 12 empty bottles that were clanging together in the passenger floorboards came to a rest and the noise was no longer that 4th of July from so many years ago the silence was so loud.  Where the fuck am I? 

I realized that the last 9 hours have slipped by me in the same way an early morning fog disapates into afternoon.  The sun was high by now.  The heat was blistering.  I could feel the sweat struggle to find water in my dehydrated body.  How did I get here I thought to myself.  It must be the next wave of that never ending tide that won’t quite crest the high water mark.  Somewhere there is reality…I can see it…vaguely.  There were clips in my mind playing like an old film projector at the end of it’s reel.  Little flashes that made me remember things I wasn’t sure really happened.  Tell me about the fucking golf shoes I thought to myself.  If Hunter was here what would I do.  Stand up you stupid basturd and move toward the light.  Remember, that is exactly what they want you to do.

Now that I can see a little clearer I realize that the dust was just that.  Little fragments clouding my vision.  Small distortions in the fabric of time.  Should I really be concerned?  Is it really worth the last two breathes that I’ve taken from mother earth.  Has she hoodwinked me as well as I have sold her?  I tell you now brother take this next step with me and run to the next dune that time has placed in front of you.  What is this dirt in the corner of my eye?  Should I wipe it or will it burn into me like an elusive drop of lava from the volcano of life that has just erupted on my utopia?  I’m looking to the heavens now.  For that shadow of a doubt that twists your gut and makes you decide on rash decisions has just cast it’s last ray of light on the begining of a winters night.

Do you see that twinkle my friend?  It’s there for us to watch like a raindrop falling from the clouds only to tumble down a mountain, flow down a river, sit in a lake, and disinigrate back to the sky.  You know it’s unhealthy to feel this way?  Look back at the twinkle…it may just start staring back at you.  Embrace the light, it’s not the iron curtain.  Take that brick and carry it with you, for the wall has fallen and only you carry the burden of it’s past.  Make strides like an olympic runner and once you cross that long awaited finish line you will only then will you realize that the end you’ve been waiting for isn’t anything but the slow process of recooperating for the next race.


Safe Sex


Come to my party mansion!!!

If you watch Sunny you’ll laugh your ass off at this one: