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Zombies Ahead…RUN!

Check out this story about some hackers that re-programed a contruction sign.  Watch the video on the page, it’s priceless.



Never coming out of the closet

Watch this and you will understand (it may take a min. to start playing):



Getting a beer from a Man & a Woman’s perspective

These flowcharts are pretty funny.  Click on the pictures to see the larger images.



A Walk in the Dark


            Sunny California where dreams are made is where he found himself when he awoke.  It must have been at least ninety degrees inside of his little studio apartment when he rolled over to look at the clock glowing 12:35pm in that almost annoying shade of green.  The sheets of the bed were caked on to him like bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your shoe.  There was an over-bearing mixture of sweat, cigarette smoke, and alcohol in the air.  Not to mention the smell of the cat box in the corner with his dirty clothing draped over it like some kind of abstract modern art representation of his life.  Donavan Michael Denton rolled over and placed his feet on the floor.  The crisp feeling of the cold tile on his feet was a reminder that there was some relief from the agonizing summer afternoon.  That was when the first wave of the reality of the previous night hit him like a sledgehammer right in temples.  Last night’s mission of becoming inebriated had somehow transformed into a mission for Ibuprofen.  The half finished glass of water that set on the nightstand was a representation of how pathetic his attempt at beating this hangover was and how he didn’t even follow through with that simple little task.  With the nasty taste of last night’s fun in his mouth he swallowed a few pills and drank the luke-warm water that was left in the glass.  He took a few steps toward the bathroom, wobbled a little, caught his balance and continued what seemed like a journey.


            Once he stepped into the bathroom the feeling in his head seemed to feel as though it was already moving to his stomach.  He leaned his head on the wall and then his shoulder and outstretched arm rested against the wall as to keep him from falling.  With his other hand he reached inside of his boxers and prepared himself for relief.  His bladder was so full that it took a moment leaning against the wall to relax enough to begin to pee.  The smell of overly dehydrated urine was so strong it made his already weak stomach buckle.  He dropped to his knees knocking the air freshener and tissue box of the top of the toilet.  The crash of the can hitting the floor echoed through his brain.  Immediately the overwhelming clench of his stomach left him there with his head buried in the toilet bowl.  The saliva was very abundantly frothing from his mouth and he knew that it was going to be just a moment before it came again.  Sure enough the break wasn’t long enough and unfortunately his stomach had nothing left to give.  With every dry thrust that his body pushed forward he felt as if his temples were going to explode.  Finally it came to a rest and the taste was all that was left in his mouth.  Donovan turned away from the toilet and sat with his back against the wall.  He reached over to the bathtub and turned on the water.  The cool feeling of porcelain touching his skin as he rested his head on the edge of the tub was refreshing in contrast to what he had just gone through.  The steam from the hot water began to fill the bathroom.  It was time to stand and with one hand on the side of the tub and the other grabbing the sink he slowly brought himself to his feet.  With a little push he helped his boxers down enough to let gravity do its part in undressing him.  He stepped into the shower and the feeling of the water was so relaxing it took all his will to begin bathing.  After rinsing the last of the soap off of himself he couldn’t fight the urge to just sit down any longer.  As his back touched the back of the tub it was a quick moment of shock until his body warmed his new resting place.  The water was beating on his face and the top of his head but with his eyes closed and the warm washcloth lying over his groin he felt slightly more alive than just a few moments ago. 


            After the water began to cool Donovan was starting to feel human enough to start his day.  He got up and turned off the water in time to keep the cold water from jumpstarting his will to get out.  Once out of the shower he took the step to the sink and wiped the mirror off with his hand enough that he could see himself.  Still moving a little sluggishly he looked into the mirror and gazed into his hazel eyes.  A quick flash of light overwhelmed his vision and when the light dimmed enough for him to see a slender blonde was lying on the floor in a pool of blood.  Her abdomen appeared to be ripped open from the bottom of her ribcage to just above her pubic hair.  Donovan jumped with a scream and banged his head on the half open bathroom door behind him.  With the hard thump to the back of his skull the reality of his own bathroom came screaming back to him.  His eyes scanned the room in a panicked state and quickly he realized that there was nothing in there out of the ordinary.  The dead woman was gone just as quickly as she appeared to him.  He shook his head as to regain what little sense of reality he had and stepped backwards out of the bathroom.  He turned and walked past his bed towards the kitchen.


            He yanked the long silver handle of the fifty’s style refrigerator and with the clunk of the latch releasing the sound of glass bottles shaking against each other was a helpful reminder that what he needed most was just instants away.  He grabbed a cold beer bottle from the door and popped the cap off with the bottle opener that was screwed into the freezer door.  He tilted the bottle back and took a long drink.  With the door to his bathroom in the corner of his eye he took a step backwards, leaned against the sink, and stood there with his arms crossed peering at the bathroom.  He slowly put the bottle back to his lips, hesitated, and then tipped the half empty bottle back once again.  The cold beer ran down his throat and he felt it reach his empty stomach and line the walls of it.  Why did they always seem so real?  The memory of what he saw was far from fading.  The empty look in the woman’s eyes was embedded in every thought that engulfed Donavan’s mind.  He set the bottle on the counter and made his way to his dresser.  He needed to get dressed and get out of his apartment.  He opened the top drawer that had his boxers in it and grabbed the first pair that came within reach.  He sat on the side of the bed as he put on his socks.  From there he made his way to the closet and took a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt off of their hangers.  He finished getting dressed and then glimpsed back at the bathroom.  With a nod of reassurance he walked back to the bathroom.  When he reached the doorway he looked in half expecting to see her again but was fortunate enough to see nothing but the mess he left in there.  “See it was just a flash of something that I must have dreamt last night,” he told himself.  Even though he told himself that he still didn’t feel convinced.  The smell of her decomposing body was as fresh in his memory as deciding what he was going to wear just a moment ago. 


            The front door was calling him and he no longer wanted to heed its cries.  He walked out into the hallway and kept his eye on the bathroom as the door closed.  The sound of the deadbolt sliding into place was a little reassuring to him that he could lock that memory inside of there until he was ready to deal with it.  As he walked down the hallway toward the elevator the sound of his footsteps seemed as though they were bringing the walls closer and closer to him and the thought of getting into the elevator seemed to bring a sense of claustrophobia over him.  The stairs will have to do today.        


Nirvana & Kayne West: Stronger Remix by Daft Punk

This is pretty sick.  Both are good songs.  Put together it’s pretty cool.



Wii Fit

I think I’m gonna have to buy the wii fit now.  Check out this awesome bundle: