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Archive for December, 2008


WTF Stamp


I can’t say how many times I could have used this.  LMAO!


My new Hero

This guy is fantastic.  Make sure you watch the whole thing.  It’s well worth the time.



Fancast – Watch TV and Movies Online: FREE

fancast.JPGA freind of mine just told me about the website.  Basically you can watch all kinds of old and new shows.  Some of them link back to the network site (ABC) but most of them play right on the site.  The movies I saw listed where mostly old and I never heard of them.  However all the shows listed was a really good list as well some of them have more old episodes then the network sites have.  Either way nice way to watch old shows.  Oh yeah my buddy also told me about the show: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“.  It’s pretty funny.  Check it out!


Guitar Hero Robot

guitar-hero.jpgSo you think you are good at Guitar Hero?  Remember when there was a guy who tried to beat a computer playing chess?  Now is your time to try and beat a computer playing Guitar Hero.  Check out this video on youtube to see some electrical engineering students who decided to make a robot that plays Guitar Hero.  Pretty impressive.


Free Internet Radio

This is pretty sick.  Yeah, I know there are a million different streaming radio stations out there.  The thing that pretty cool about this one (simular to others) is that you can put in a band you like and it will play simular music to that band.  So far I’ve liked every song they played.  This is the kicker right here.  The real reason why I posted this.  They have a iPhone app.  So now I can just stream while going to work.  No more making playlists on my iPod.  I’ll repost once I see how it works on the motorcycle.


Killing time….and flies!


Feel free to waste a few minutes killing flies at:


Free Letters to the Troops

I got this forward from someone today and checked it out on
It checks out that it’s actually true. 

So here is the deal.  Go to and you can choose a card and type a personal message to a troop overseas.  You can’t designate who it goes to but that doesn’t really matter.  Xerox will print and mail the card….free of charge.   So take a minute and fill one out for our boys (and girls) who probably just missed Thanksgiving and more than likely won’t be home for Christmas.

I’m not big on forwards but this one is worthwhile.  I remember when I was deployed to Bosnia and there were boxes of letters that came from back home that we could just walk up and pick up a few to read.  Even though the senders didn’t know me it was nice to hear that someone actually took the time to send off a letter to someone they didn’t know.  The drawings from little kids were cool too because I remembered doing things like that when I was in school.  It seems like the pictures that Xerox is printing on the cards have been submitted by children so this card will be a combination of the two. 

Please pass this on.


Here is what I wrote in my card:

What seems like a lifetime ago I was a deployed Infantry soldier.  I missed things I didn’t think I ever would.  Everyday was encompassed with the thought of going home.  One thing that helped was to read the words that people from home wrote letting me know I was cared for, missed, and honored.  I want you to know that America is proud of you and is just as anxious for you to get home!!!