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WOW Popup

I don’t play WOW but I think this popup could be converted to pretty much any of the games that I played in the past. 



OCS (Office Communication Server) SRV Records @ Godaddy

So I just finally figured out how to get this set up after about 3 days of screwing around with Microsoft, Godaddy, and the friendly WWW (complements of google).  I’m gonna post my findings so that hopefully someday it will help someone else. 

You have to set up SRV records on your external DNS if you want your clients to be able to to autoconnect outside the domain environment.  Microsoft will tell you that this is just a simple record.  However Godaddy has a little different way of going about this than Microsoft does.  I’ll break it down by the field names that Godaddy has on thier Domain Manager.

Service: put the service name ex. _sip or _sipfederationtls

Protocol: put the protocol ex. _tls or _tcp

Name: (This was the PITA) @ if you want it to be your root domain.  If you want it to be a subdomain you created like then you just put the A record name.  In the case of my example it would be meeting.  Microsoft was telling me to put OCS because, “the name doesn’t matter.”

Priority: 0 or designate a number if you have multiple entries on the same name and with the same service.  The lower number has priority.

Weight: 0 or designate a number if you have multiple entries on the same name and with the same service and also the same port.  The lower number has priority.

Port: Enter the desired port.  ex. 443 or 5061

Target: Enter the FQDN of the server you are sending the ocs client to.  I have a subdomain or A record that I am using to point to the edge/access server.  This is because my edge/access server is a specific IP other than the ip my root url uses.  In my case the root url of points to my webserver and not my edge/access server.  So for my record I put in this spot.

TTL: That’s up to you, the default 1 hour is fine. 

After setting all this up in that manner the nslookup will finally work.  Remember you may need to allow a little time for the record to replicate through the WWW before it works. 

To use nslookup go to the command prompt and type nslookup hit enter.  Then type “server” without the quotes.  That puts you on a public dns server.  Then type “set type=srv” without the quotes.  At that point you can test your SRV record in the following format using my example settings from above:  Once you hit enter you should see something along the following lines.

Non-authoritative answer:      SRV service location:
          priority       = 1
          weight         = 1
          port           = 443
          svr hostname   =


6% of the World

Guess I’m not that much of a World traveler….


Stupid website….I had an image here that showed the countries I’ve been to, but apparently they don’t like it much when you edit thier advertisements out of it. So instead of doing it over again and taking screenshot of the image, I’ll just leave it at I’ve only been to 6% of the world.


G33ks with really geeky tattoos

Wait to you get a load of some of these tats: Physics Tattoo.


Waste some time on the net

Normally at lunch I read Slashdot because I’m a g33k.  On the bottom of one of the linked articles I found another good site to waste some time on.  It’s called Stumbleupon.  Pretty cool site with a bunch of stuff people thought was cool  Here is an article that I found on there that caught my attention.  Have fun and happy surfing.  Oh, yeah and don’t blame me for you lack of productivity at work.


Main Street America

This is pretty funny and I think is well worth the couple of minutes.



I think the best part was the mayor, “Um….um….aaahh….Different things on different days.  We have a staff meeting on Mondays @TEN.”


Being sick sux

I just wanted to follow up on the last post.  I was hating life for about four days.  By Saturday I was sooooo sick I could barely hold my head up.  Sunday I woke up and other than a stuffy head and a sore throat I felt fine.  I’m still kinda draggin my stuffy head around but otherwise I feel totally healthy.  That’s the first time I’ve been sick like that in a few years and let me tell you I remember now how bad it sux.  I hope none of you have to go through that one.


Woke up today…

sickcartoon.jpgSICK….and I’m not too happy about that.  Sux to be sick.  Haven’t been that way in a long time.  Well I mean physically sick.  LOL



heatherandI_portland.jpgLast week Heather, the kids, and I packed up and headed up to Oregon for part of the weekend.  I had some work, Heather had to visit her grandmother who recently had a stroke, and the kids went the Heather’s parents house in Longview, Wa. 

Overall we had a good time.  The work stuff went pretty smoothly.  Heather and I stayed downtown in an old swanky hotel.  We also went out Friday night with an old friend of Heather’s from High School.  We had a blast at this 80’s club were not only the music was 80’s but a lot of the people dressed the part.  It was a lot of fun.  Afterwards we went to breakfast and shoveled food down our drunk throats. 

The shitty part of the trip was driving through the night on the way there and driving back with the kids and two hangovers.  LOL…but hey we made it just fine.  Obviously we weren’t in too bad of shape because we made it back for our softball games on Sunday.  We had a double header.  One day game, and one night game under the lit field.  That was cool.  Anyways we won both games!!!


Changed the header

I wasn’t totally satisfied with the old header at the top of the page.  So I took a few minutes to change it around a little.  I think this one fits a little better.  Let me know if you think it looks better or worse.