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Archive for May, 2007


Brown’s Camp, OR (Round 2)

I just got back from working up in OR. Of course I had my bike. This is the second time I’ve ridden up there and let me tell you…it is fun. I must preface this by saying I was just getting over a nasty cold (which I am getting back) and didn’t ride for 3 weeks. Between Easter, my son’s birthday, being sick, and basically just being in a slump I haven’t been riding much. So when I was feeling a little better and heading up to OR I figured I’d ride Brown’s Camp again because I had so much fun the last time I was there.
I ended up not being able to get in touch with any of my rider friends so I went this one alone. I was pretty sure I could remember where to go. That was my second mistake. LOL I ended up climbing this massive hill which lead me to a 3 way intersection. I chose what I thought was the right trail. Little did I know I was already way off course. I remembered there being some climbs before that kicked my butt and sections that I had to push. So when I started on this trail I excepted the pushing as I haven’t ridden in awhile. But then there were all these obstacles and my bottom bracket kept bottoming out on the trail. So after pushing up a few hills and climbing over a bunch of logs and down some big 4 foot + drops I was thinking, they either changed the hell out of this trail or I’m in uncharted territory. After muscleing throught a few miles of barely rideable trail I ended back at the spot that I intially took a wrong turn. Fortunately there were a few riders that just got there to point me in the right direction.
From there was the fun trail that I remembered. Unfortunately my lack of fitness and being worn out from my detour really curbed me having and awesome ride. However it did what I really wanted that ride to do…Showed me I need to get back into my riding. Overall this place has mostly short climbs compared to Auburn, but is WAY more steep. The flowing downhill sections are a lot of fun and the rooty, steep climbs are extremely challenging. If you are ever in the Portland, OR area and want to ride 14 miles that will smoke you like 25 then go to Brown’s Camp. As long as you don’t take any unwanted detours I assure you that you will leave with a smile. Even with the detour…I did.
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