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Archive for April, 2007


24 Miles in Auburn

On Sunday I rode a loop that was about 24 miles in Auburn. I’ve done this ride once before, however it was late last summer when I was in my best riding shape. Although I haven’t ridden as much over the winter it seems as though the riding that I’ve done lately has me back to that same level of fitness. I finished the entire ride and still felt as though I had a little more in me. It would have been a struggle to climb up stagecoach but I think I could have done it.
None-the-less, this weekend was also the maiden voyage of my new gps bike computer. That thing is sweet!!! Unfortunately I bumped the start/stop button while getting my cytomax out of my camelback and missed some of the data for the ride. You can check out my ride here Just click the dashboard link once you get to the site.
The new computer is really exciting for me because now I can start collecting all the GPS data for my MTB site. 🙂 It’s also really cool to be able to see exactly how I did on my ride. I learned a little about heart rates today while analyzing the data. This GPS computer really has me excited. I haven’t been this excited about having something new since I bought my bike last year.