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Archive for March, 2007


Annadale OMFG!

Today I rode in Annadale for the first time. The title for this blog pretty much sums it up. It was amazing. Some of my original comparisons where correct. Like Auburn, it has a lot of climbing. The difference is these climbs are worse. The reason they are so much harder is that the trails are just covered with rocks. There are literally so many rocks you begin to question if they were just dumped on these trails. So normally when you are climbing on some smooth trail and you get to that tough rocky section, you can power through it but then recooperate afterwards. The trails there didn’t give much time to recover if any at all.
Another thing that was a lot like Auburn is that you get the pay dirt for all those long grueling climbs. Once again the Annadale decents trump what Auburn has to offer. These trails are fast and long. Some of the trails we rode have really good flow to them. You know the kind of trails that just make you enjoy throwing your weight around and gliding through turns like you are flying. My only problem with them was that I would get so much speed in the flowing parts that I would be working my brakes overtime when an unexpected turn would pop up around a bend that you couldn’t see until you were on top of it. I’m sure some of that difficulty would be easily overcome once you know the trails. However as a first time rider there I found myself braking much harder then I would have prefered. The saying, “ride it don’t slide it” was echoing in my head all day long.
Overall that was the best ride I’ve had so far this year and I think it will be hard to beat for awhile. I tackled some climbs that I thought I didn’t have a chance on. There were also other technical obstructions that popped up so fast I thought I was going to eat it hard. The old faithful suspension pulled me through them and I also repetatively suprised myself by cleaning those with skill. Today I really put everything that I’ve learned in the last year to a test and I think I came out of it all with high marks. I’m really impressed with myself, and best of all I had a lot of fun doing it. I have a new found respect for people who ride in Annadale normally and an equivalent amount of jealousy.


Website Remodel

I finally got around to redoing the site like I posted about awhile ago. I’m happy with the changes, however, I need to finish the content for some of the sections. I also have a little more work to do to complete the changes. I’ve been a little reluctant on making all the changes because I’m going to be changing to another web hosting company soon and when I do that I’ll probably upgrade a bunch of the web apps running on my site. That will result in me having to change some of my code even more. It’s not my top priority at this point. Either way, the moral of the story is: I’ll be adding more content and some more changes are in the future!