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I’m thinking about redoing the site again. I like the current theme but am not totally in luv with it. I also want to change they way the site is navagated. I’m thinking about having a which would contain my normal blog and family photo album. Then I want to have the main which would basically just be the home page/blog and the forums. I would use the blog on that page to post g33k related info. I’ve also been wanting to create a Mt. Bike site so I think I will create another sub-domain called I’ve been toying with this for awhile however I’m not 100% on whether or not I’m actually going to follow through with it. Only time will tell…


New Years Resolutions

Well here we are at the begining of another year. Every year people make resolutions. Last year I wanted to work on losing wieght. I started off the year real strong going to the gym and dieting. However I fell off the wagon for a few months. Around April I bought a new mountain bike and started dieting again. Within a few months I went from 255 to 210. That’s about when I slacked off the dieting and kept more of a maintenance diet. I still was working out and riding regularly. Between Thanksgiving and New Years I got a little more lax on the diet and working out. All the goodies at work were just too much for my sweet tooth. Honestly it wasn’t really something I was too concerned about because I knew come New Years it was “on” again.
My major change for the New Year revolves around my daily schedule. I read that it’s better to work out in the morning because you burn fat instead of burning the energy/calories that your body has taken in during the day. I now get up at 5 am and work out. After I’m done working out Heather and I do an aerobic exercise video together called, “Turbo Jam”. It’s a goood workout but I feel like a goober doing a video workout! Other then that I’ve been dieting hard again. I have my calorie intake lower then what I’m burning in a day.
After skiing with a friend from work I’ve decided to start working out my legs real hard. In the past year I have only been riding bike, walking, and running. I’m going to start working my legs out 3 days a week. Heather and I are supposed to be walking every day but with all the other schedule changes we haven’t got that one worked in yet.
The last thing that I’m trying hard to do is to get 8 hours or sleep a night. I’ve read a few articles and also seen some stuff on TV that said lack of sleep is a major contributer to people being overweight. So along with getting up so early, I’ve been going to bed early. Instead of 12 or 1 in the morning I’m going to bed around 9 or 10.
The main goal of all of this is to get down to the 180 – 190 lbs. range. I want to be in really good shape by the summer. Plus it’s about time that I start taking care of myself. Hopefully all this extra effort works out. I guess we’ll know this time next year. 🙂