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Archive for December, 2006


Sit Chase!

sit_chase.gif Man’s best friend. Sometimes that rings true, at others it just doesn’t seem to pan out that way. Chase is now a little over 3 years old now and other then his few minutes of running around like a maniac when we first let him in he has turned out to be a pretty good dog. Occasionally he has his moments when I’d like to drop him off in the middle of a field somewhere halfway to Tahoe…but for the most part he is pretty mellow. He is really good with the kids and all thier abuse, is really fun to go hiking with, loves to go swimming, and keeps me pushing harder when we run together. So I thought I’d give him a little internet publicity for being a good dog. Best of all have you noticed how he has been sitting while you read this…so obediant. LOL


Revised an old Template

Check this out: Http:// I put it up cuz I’m doing some banners on Heather’s mom site and I figured I might get some web business out of it. Who knows. Either way it was fun to play around with freehand today.
Check out my banner add: