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Archive for October, 2006


I’m an Asshole!!!

Heather’s little brother is getting close to shipping out for the Army. Since that date is coming closer he decided to drive back to California with me from (I was in Portland for work) to visit for a little while. Well his flight back to Portland left this morning and he decided to treat me to Starbucks for the ride to the airport. None-the-less we are talking and waiting for the drinks until the girl behind the counter calls our drink names out. I walk up and grab my coffee as I hear her say thank you. For whatever reason I didn’t say anything. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling the Starbucks spirit. Maybe I was still in the middle of a conversation with Heather’s brother. Maybe I just had a brain fart. For GOD’s sake I didn’t have my coffee yet. At that point I’m focusing on getting one of those cardboard things on my cup and I see the girl turning around and hear her say, “Your Welcome….Asshole” as she walks into the back of the store. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds and waited for her to return. I was comptiplating in my head what to say to her. A few seconds later she still didn’t come out of the back, I was already running late to work because I had to go to the airport, and it was really busy in there so I just left. After talking to a few people about it today I decided to go back after work and let the manager know what kind of service thier customers were getting. So I got the standard I’m sorry, whatever, and a free coffee coupon for tommorrow. Bottom line is, I’m an asshole….with a FREE COFFEE! W00T!!!!!! LOL 🙂


Server IP’s

I finally got around to setting up DNS entries for the Vent and CS server. That way you don’t have to worry about the IPs changing.
The N/A Clan Server (CS) is:
The G33kspeak Ventrilo Server is:
Nurd set up a UT 2k4 Server as well at:
*I have to re-install UT, but I think I might hop on there and play a little.


Changing Template

I’m starting to change the Test Template over to the site. I will be finishing this over the weekend. I’m sorry I can’t get it all done in one night….I’m sure you all can deal with that.


Up in OR

I’m up in Eugene and Portland this week. It’s always fun coming up here cuz I get a break from the normal hustle and bustle of things. Heather gets a break too cuz I bring the kids and drop them off at the inlaws. The kids are happy cuz they get to eat grandma’s cookies and candy all week long. Hahaha…works out for everyone. None-the-less I went to my favorite low-life bar next to the hotel and all the same loosers are still sitting in there from 8 months ago. Funny how some people live in a bar. I’m heading over to a place called Brown’s Camp on Saturday morning to go riding. From the reviews that I’ve read it’s supposed to be pretty awesome. Some say it’s the best trail in OR. I’ll let ya know! The down side is I couldn’t bring my bike for various reasons so I’ll have to rent. That wouldn’t be that bad but the place I am renting from wants you to bring your pedals. I don’t have mine. I’m gonna ask the guys that I met on to ride with if they have an extra set…otherwise it’s off to REI. Good thing they have a good return policy…I feel like I might not like the pedals I buy. 🙂


Vegas Baby!

amfl.gifAs some of you may know last weekend we went to Vegas to have a reunion with some of the guys (and thier wives) that I was in the Army with. When I left Germany in 1998 I assumed I would never see any of them again. Possibly a couple of them I’d keep in touch with and maybe, stretch maybe, I would see one of them in the future. So it was quite the shock when someone that I didn’t keep in direct contact with sent me an e-mail via None-the-less we set up a reunion and it seemed as though it was never going to get here. Well it finally did last weekend. Heather and I drove 8 hrs. to Vegas and yeah that is a little fast. Pay no attention to the speed limit!
Anyways, the first night we went to Freemont street which I had never been to before. It was really cool. They had a few live bands playing and the alcohol was flowing. It was a little on the surreal side seeing everyone all over again. Afterwards we went to this biker bar by the request of my cousin (who lives in Vegas). It was called Hogs and Heffers and was also a lot of fun. If you have ever seen the movie coyote ugly it was pretty much the same type of bar. Women half naked on top the bar dancing, and yelling through megaphones. To wrap up the evening we went back to the hotel (HOOTERS) and gambled the rest of the night. I ended up heading back to the room totally fucked up and about $800 richer.
The next night we went to this place that was set up like a German fest. That was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how fun it would be and had my doubts like Heather. In the end Heather got drunk enough to pick up a cop. I mean literally picked one up. LOL and I managed to get us kicked out of a taxi. LMFAO. I love Vegas.
On Sunday my body decided it wasn’t going to party like a rockstar another day. I spent all day in the hotel room wishing I was dead. It took everything I had to make it downstairs to say goodbye to a few of the people that were leaving. I was hoping that I’d perk up around 9 or so and then go out for the night…but that wasn’t happening. It was kind of a good thing though cuz Heather got blitzed and was hungover like a champ on Monday. I had to drive us home and 8 hours on the road is not fun when you are hurting. None-the-less I had an awesome time with my old pals and can’t wait to see them again!



Today I was taking a look at some of my archive posts and I realized that I have been a victim of spammers. On my forums fake accounts are made daily but I see the account names, check the account, and can easily tell if it is a spam account. If so I delete the account. Since the forum doesn’t have hundreds of users it’s no big deal. I’ve never seen any comments on my posts on the main page of the blog so I assumed that my blog wasn’t targeted by those types of spammers. FYI: The reason these sites post like this is because they post links. The more links to your site you have on the internet the closer to the top of the list you will be on popular search engines like google. Anyways I found out that the bots (computers) that are making the spam messages on my blog only post on archived messages. That’s good thinking on the spammers end because most people don’t check comments after they aren’t displayed on the main page anymore. None-the-less the total number of spam posts I have is a little over ten thousand. So I will be deleting all the comments. Which sux because it would be nice to have the ones I want, but it would be too cumbersome to weed them out of the other 9,950 fake ones. Then I will be turning off the comment feature. I should be reskinning the site soon and will probably upgrade the version of my blog at that time. When I do that I’ll see about re-enabling the comments on the blog! Sorry 🙁