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Archive for September, 2006


Getting back in the groove


I have been missing online gaming since the day I packed up my pc at my old house and walked away from a perfectly good 20 meg up and down fiber connection. I moved out here to the sticks where the cable is barely runing at 1.5 megs down. I dcn’t even want to get into the latency issues. It’s making me sick. None-the-less I have been dealing with it for quite some time. Recently I called the “local” cable company and found out that they are finally upgrading thier internet connection and will be providing a 6 meg service. I am really excited. So I have been back on the CS:Source even though I get dropped every few mins. for having too high a ping. That is frustrating along with the fact that my headshots don’t flow as easy as before, but I know it’s only a matter of time until I will be pwning again. I did manage to get that little announcement above before getting dropped about 30 seconds later for latency. You win some, you loose some.


A Cat’s 9 Lives

ohshitflower.jpgA few mins. ago I wrote out a really long story of how Kaira’s cat (Flower) and Heather’s dog (Roxie) were playing and got thier collars stuck. Thanks to technology I lost it. So now you are going to get the slimmed down version. I saved Roxie and Flower from strangulation. Kaira’s cat basically died. We took them to the vet in the middle of the night. Now they are both fine. I’m glad I was awake or Heather and Kaira would have both been really sad when we woke up in the morning and their pets were both dead. Robert is the Hero! 🙂



molested.jpg Heather’s grandmother just loves me to death. She’s said before that I remind her a lot of her late husband. It becomes extremely apparent when she is drunk. She is always telling Heather that she is going to steal me from her and other things of the nature. So the other day we were down at her house and she had a few glasses of wine while we were out for dinner. Heather being the instigater told me to take a picture with her….then said for her to give me a kiss. After she wispered ANYTIME in my ear with her sexiest 80 year old voice she proceeded to kiss me several times on the cheek. I suppose this wasn’t quite enough to supppress her feelings for me. She then licked my ear and decided to give me a nibble on the earlobe. Right about then is when Heather decided it would be a good time to take the picture. So now that I’ve been molested by an 80 year old woman my views on life have changed. I don’t know how becuase I forgot, but that’s just part of being old.


My First Mountain Lion

mountainlion.jpgOn Monday I went bike riding out at an area called Salmon Falls. It hugs the edge of Folsom lake. I started at about 8 am and had already finished 3 miles of the ride when I came around a corner and saw my first mt. lion. It was about the size of my lab which is around 75lbs. I was on a section of single track that is on the side of a very steep hill/cliff. Thank GOD the cat was already running the other direction down the trail. I followed it for about 20 feet in a sort of daze…OMFG…That’s a fucking Mt. Lion…what should I do? Then the mt. lion turned right and raced up the hillside. About that time I came to my senses and started making loud noises. I’ve read and that you are supposed to make yourself look big and make a lot of noise. So I hooted and hollered for a bit as I was riding and went about my way. I stopped the next 3 or so groups of riders that were heading that way to give them a heads up, but after that I figured it was long gone. It wasn’t as scary as I would have thought my first encounter to be but it wasn’t running for me. I’m sure that would have been a completely different story…if I was still here to type about it. None-the-less I have now seen a mountain lion on the trail. Hopefully that will be the last and I can now mark that off my things to run into on the trail list. LOL Good thing it wasn’t a week ago when I was out there in the dark!