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Archive for August, 2006


Alone in the Woods

helmetlight.jpgLast night I went on a ride after work at Salmon Falls. The first half of the ride went great. I rode the entire first half without stopping and completed it in one hour. This was a big accomplishment for me because the first time I rode that trail I stopped about four or five times on the first half. I remember dreading having to turn around and get back to the car. Anyways I turned around and started heading back after a few mins. break to drink a Gatorade and eat a Cliff bar. I knew the sun was on it’s way down and I had to hussle. Unfortunately a lot of this trail is completely under the canopy of the trees and it got dark much faster then I expected. I rode as long as possible. At first I was basically taking it slow because I wouldn’t see rocks until they were right at me. Then I ended up kindof using my bike like a scooter to keep moving faster then walking. Eventually it got dark to the point that I knew it was no longer safe to be on the bike at all. So I began walking. Fortunately I was pretty close to the end of the trail by that point. I was more worried about slipping off the edge of the trail and falling down the ravine and the possibility of running into a mt. lion then being stuck out in the woods. I know my way out there pretty good and the trail is good enough that you would have to try pretty hard to loose it. None-the-less I made it back to the car and safe. I learned my lesson to check and see when the sun is setting before you try to do a long ride after work and buy a freaking light! There are plenty of people that do night rides once winter creeps up so I’m sure if I had a good light it wouldn’t have been an issue at all.


Happy Birthday to me!

silencer.jpgI know…my birthday isn’t actually for another two days but I already got my presents! Muwahahahaha! About two years ago Kaira broke my good sunglasses. So I’ve been missing them and the interchangable lenses when skiing, and more recently biking. I really liked having the ability to switch to yellow lenses when skiing. They would take the glare away but not accent any shadowing. So I decided that my Happy Birthday to me present would be a new pair of sunglasses. It is so hard to part with 100+ dollars for a pair of sunglasses, but they really do make a difference when compared to cheapy ones. The fit, weight, quality of lense, etc. So I finally broke down and got some. I originally looked for the brand that I used to have and then the sales rep recommended this other brand that was cheaper and selling more. They ended up being a much better fit and came w/4 lens colors rather then 3. So now I have clear lenses as well. These will be really cool for riding bike once it starts getting dark earlier and we are doing night rides. The gift that I got from Heather is a season pass to Kirkwood! Sweet! The only down side is that it got me thinking about skiing. I really want to go now. I’m stoked about that though because a neighbor that I went skiing with a lot last year is buying one there too so we will be able to go more often now that buying a $70 lift ticket won’t be a concern. I can’t wait until it starts snowing now.



bumpercar.jpgIn our community there is a mini little fair that they do every year called Summerfest. Most of the people that we have bumped into down at the lake have mentioned it as being really fun. So we took the kids over there this weekend on Saturday. They had a blast. There were probably about a dozen rides, a couple of bouncy houses, the normal bad for ya but tastes good food, a beer tent, a band playing, some hot rod cars to look at, and some game booths. For us there wasn’t too much there but the beer was cheap. 2 bux for a draft Heineken. For the kids it was like Disneyland. I was really proud of Kaira going on the Big Slide all by herself. I was so scared of heights when I was small I remember practically crawling up the stairs. You should have seen Trent driving the bumper cars. He was sooo stoked to be driving all by himself. It really was fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves that much. Ok, I’m sure the beer helped! LOL


The Neverending Consumnes

consumnesriver.jpgOn Saturday, a friend of mine (Clint) and I decided to hike/tube a section of the Consumnes river which flows right through our neighborhood. We have been discussing tubing it for a few months but couldn’t find any resources on-line to let us know how the river flows in between the two points we wanted to ride. So we decided to hike any unrideable sections and to tube any sections that we could clearly see was safe.
We got to a late start which we didn’t think would be an issue because it was only about a 10 mile section of river. When we first got to the bridge that we were going to start at we found out that there was no parking allowed for a few miles from the river. We ended up parking in a sort of driveway that wasn’t marked private road and didn’t have a no parking sign. It was questionable whether or not we were allowed to park there because there was a no trespassing sign but it was posted in a manner that one would think that was protecting the land behind the sign and not where we parked. So we took the chance to not have to walk an extra mile or so to the river.
Once we got in the river all seemed well. Generally speaking we were moving fairly slowly but the sun was nice and the views were beautiful. There were large rock formations, cliffs, and gorges carved from the river. You could tell that if we went on the river early in the spring it would have been a completely differnet ride. There were a few hairy sections that would have resulted in injury or possibly death but we did manage to hear them ahead of time and walked whenever it was questionable. Thank god we weren’t drinking because that liquid courage would have done us in. There was a lot of really slow moving sections which really sucked to paddle through as well as a few shallow sections that were easier to be walked. The only problem is that we took a lot longer then expected.
We ended up getting to a point fairly close to my house about the time that it was pitch black out. So we decided to walk home from there. It was a little nerve racking before that because we knew we were running out of light and had just passed one of the unrideable rapid sections but still didn’t know how close to the end we were. Most of the terrain in the un-rideable sections was very large rocks that had to be climbed over. This was a concern for us when the sun started setting. That and rattlesnakes. We did see one rattler about 5 feet long that was about as thick as a baseball. I didn’t want to investigate that. So after making it back to my house at almost 10 o’clock at night we drove out to where Clint’s truck was. Fortunately it was still there.


Hole in the Ground

holeintheground.jpgYesterday was the best ride I have been on to date. We drove up to the mountains and rode a ride called, “Hole in the Ground”. I don’t know why it’s called that but it was a lot of fun. The ride started about an exit before Boreal Ski Resort. We rode up this fire road that had some climbing on it until we got to Boreal. From that point we followed the road under the free way and started climbing the mountain. Most of the climb was on these switch backs that seemed like they were never going to end. The few from the top of that climb was amazing. You could see mountain tops as far as the eye could see. From that point on there was a lot of really aggressive and technical downhill and some more climbing. There was a mountain top lake that we took a break at which was breath taking. The last part of the ride had a really fun switchback with large stairs you had to ride down. As if the stairs weren’t enough there were still plenty of rocks to contend with. I was really proud of myself because there were a few things that the other guys didn’t make it over that I did. That was a big accomplishment for me since I am the rider with the least experience and definitely the slowest out of the group.


Working Out

yorkbarbell.jpgI finally got to the point where I need to step my diet/exercise plan if I want to loose more weight. That and I just want to get into better shape. So Heather and I have decided to start working out together. Which is really cool because we get to spend some time together and also get some postive impact out of it. We went out and bought another set of dumbells so that we won’t have to be constantly changing them back and forth for us to both get a good workout. So last night we worked out chest and tri’s and I’m sore as hell today! No pain, no gain? LOL….Anyways I’m stuck at 210 lbs. down from 250 starting on April 17th, 2006. So that’s 40 lbs. down and about 25 to go. Been stuck at this 210 weight for a little while. So I’ve changed my diet a little, have added the working out (which will add some weigh initially), started playing tennis, and am upping my amount of riding time per week. We’ll see how it goes.