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Archive for July, 2006


Forest Hill Divide Loop (Auburn)

foresthill.jpgSunday I went out with Gerald on the Forest Hill Divide Loop in Auburn. I ended up having to use a loaner bike from the bike shop because my bike is out of service until I get a new hub (which is being ordered as we speak). None-the-less, other than having to get used to a completely different bike the ride was awesome. It had a monster climb at the begining as well as a lot of good downhill and roller coaster kind of trail to it. We did the Forest Hill Divide loop and the Connector trail then road on the road back up to where the cars were parked. I think in total it was about 16 miles but I felt like it was 30. My back was really sore by the end of the day because the geometry of the borrowed bike had me more stretched out then what is really comfortable for me. However I really enjoyed the ride. I’m not 100% sure that I could go back and ride it on my own because there were a few turns that I’d hate to miss, but I do really look forward on riding it again…but on MY BIKE!


Just not meant to be

flattire.jpgLast night Heather and I attempted to go riding. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out. When I grabbed my bike to put it on the roof rack I noticed that the tire was flat. I didn’t have a flat tire at the end of my last ride so I assumed it was a slow leak. I just refilled my tire and figured I would change it when we got home. Loaded everything up, filled the camelbacks, got the kids in the car and we were off. We got to the begining of the ride and started unloading the kids. Trent mentioned that he didn’t have his helmet and Heather and I just stopped and looked at each other. We were already running behind schedule. I didn’t want something to happen to the kids so we packed them back up and headed back to the house and grabbed the helmets. Once we got back to the starting spot we started to unload the car. I took the buggy out and started to put the tires on it when I realized that one of the tires on the buggy was flat. DOH! Ok, no problem. Just a few more mins. to patch the tube. I patched it up. Now we are about 30 mins. behind schedule and the sun is starting to set. We took a few pics and started off. About 200 yards down the fire road I realized that my slow leak had progressed and now my tire was about to be completely flat. So we turned around again…back to the car. For some reason I was still determined to ride. I had another tube in my backpack so another 5 mins to change my tube won’t kill us. Then we can at least get a little ride in. While in the process of changing my tire Heather pointed out that the buggy tire was flat again. *%!@%#*&%(*# Ok, we are going home!


Folsom Breakouts

breakouts.jpgLast night I rolled out to Folsom to ride with a group of riders that meets out there every week. I barely got there in time becuase I wasted too much time at home putting mp3’s onto my mp3 player that I knew I wouldn’t wear…and didn’t. Funny how sometimes you do something for a no logical reason. Anyways, I pulled up and they were explaining the ride, etc. to everyone and I barely had enough time to get my bike off the roof and chase them out of the parking lot. Then I took a turn with part of the group and before I knew it we were on a single track. I wasn’t quite ready for that and my chain-slip problem just kicked right in. I felt like such an ass stopping and screwing up other people’s ride. Because of my chain slipping and the fact that I’m just not as strong as the majority of the riders that were there I lost sight of them pretty quickly. I’m sure not knowing the trails at all didn’t help either. Enough of the excuses…lol. Anyways I just kept taking trails that I “thought” they took. Some of them were the wrong trails, and some of them were the right trails. There is a main bike path that goes to where they were going to stop and swim and that was my saving grace. I knew every time I came up to that trail that I could at least just follow that and I’d be going the correct way. I spoke with a few people and it definitely seemed like it would be a good place to meet more riders. I’m planning on making that my Tuesday night ride. They have a total of three rides they do every Tuesday at 6pm. You can check out thier site at:


Hot as Hell

thermometer.jpgIt is just ridiculous out here today. I looked at the thermometer on the wall and it was at 117 around 1:30pm. The kids and I spent about two hours at the lake this afternoon from about 11:30am until 1:30pm. It was scorching out. We spent almost the entire time in the water, aside from the time that we spent building a pretty cool sand castle. I was going to take a picture with my camera phone but once I started getting ready to go all I could focus on was getting back to the truck to turn on the AC. It took a few minutes to get out of the water and to the truck and in that time I felt like I was ready to melt. Since it’s been so hot we decided to work on some inside stuff. We finished painting the few spots on the first floor that still needed some paint. Now we just have the rest of the second floor which is only about a third of the way done.


My Summer’s Best Friend

poisonoak.jpgSo far this summer almost everytime I have ridden I brushed up along my buddy here in the pic. For those of you whom are blessed not to be familar with my buddy, his name is Poison Oak. I’ve been trying one rememdy after another and eventually I will be doing some sort of moon dance, and applying ten different topical solutions, as well as washing myself after riding in about 20 different household cleaners and over-the-counter remedies. Or I will continue to try each one of these rememdies one by one until I finally find something that works for me. It just sux walking around fighting the itch while my experiment is under way. Feel free to contact me with the lyrics and steps to your favorite “No Poison Oak” moon dance! Thanks in advance.


Round 2: Auburn

chestxray.jpg I went back to Auburn on Sunday and it was a blast…well most of it. If you follow my blog about a month ago I posted that I busted a few ribs. For the most part this was totally healed until yesterday. I took a spill over the handlebars that wasn’t pretty. If it wasn’t for my helmet I would have definitely been in the hospital. I twisted my ankle pretty good as well as re-injuring my ribs. I already began to forget how painful it was the last time I did this and let me tell ya…IT SUX! Other then that the ride was awesome. Did some sick downhill stuff and accomplished all the climbs in the second chainring on the front. That was a big deal to me, considering I was in my easiest gear the last time I was there. I also got a chance to ride through this tunnel/huge metal pipe culvert.jpgwhich was really wild. I had read about it on-line and it was totally different then I expected. Basically you go into this thing and can not see anything other then the light at the other end. Optically about 3/4 of the way through I started feeling like I was sinking. I hit the brakes and then finally caught a glimpse of the ground and was alright from that point. It was really scary going through the tunnel because you can’t see anything at all except for that “light at the end of the tunnel”. You just have to trust that there is nothing in the path and no sudden bumps etc.