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Archive for June, 2006


Picking up Speed

stopwatch.jpgLast weekend’s ride (which kicked my A$$) was really good for my motivation. It’s hard to judge if you are pushing yourself hard enough when you are your only motivation. Last weekend, as well as my ride in Salmon Falls, was a good eye opener to the fact that I’m not pushing hard enough. So tonight I went out on a mission. I rode the same ride that I did last week in a hour and a half, except this time I pushed myself hard. I was in gears that I haven’t considered climbing gears before. But I took Geralds advice about standing up and switching my stance to keep the momentum and it payed off. Tonight I shaved 30 minutes off my ride from last week. I was like a freaking billy goat going up some of those hills. I also thought that I didn’t have any really long climbs to practice on, but once I really pushed myself I realized that the latrobe routes that I ride are actually pretty good training climbs. Definitely no Auburn, but at least something that can work the legs out.


35 down 30 to go

scale.jpgThis morning I wieghed and measured myself in preperation of beginning to work out. The main reason I did this was because I plan on starting to work out next week and if I do that I won’t see much weight loss because of the muscle weighing more then fat. So I wanted to get measurements that I would be able to judge progress with. I also weighed in at 216.1 lbs. Which is about 35 lbs. from where I started. My weight was fluctuating when I started but it was around 250-255 lbs. I decided to claim 250 somewhere along the line. Anyways, I’m really proud of where I am, but realize that I have a ways to go. Last time I dieted I got down to about 200-205 lbs. and was pretty happy with myself, however I think that 185-190 is about where I would be happiest. I wouldn’t mind being 200-205 but yoked…but for right now I’m just trying to get rid of the FAT. We’ll see where I am by the end of the summer!


Auburn Uphill

AuburnBridge.jpgOn Saturday I was introduced to the Mt. Bike trails in Auburn thanx to a rider I met at work. All in all there is a lot of trail there that is a lot of fun. However, and I mean HOWEVER, if you don’t like to climb this is completely the wrong place to go riding. OMFG, I have never climbed like I did there. Welcome to Northern California! Don’t get me wrong I had an awesome time but it was one hell of a workout. The guys I was riding with were really cool and didn’t seem to mind waiting for my fat ass to finally make it up the hills, so that definitely made it a little nicer. I really enjoyed myself out there until the last 2 miles of the ride. I hit a wall were my energy was totally gone. I think I had a light case of heat exhaustion. I was drinking the night before and the heat was ridiculous. My Camelbak did last until the end of the ride but combined the heat and my bad idea the night before I don’t think I was drinking enough. Plus I didn’t snack when I should have because I was too busy trying to breathe LOL. I didn’t know it, but the bridge that is there was the bridge that they filmed parts of XXX at. It is 730 feet from the water to the bridge. I don’t think this picture really does it justice. I tell you with my fear of heights it scared the shit outta me. When we rode over it I was at least half way across before I took a quick glimpse off the ground to look over the edge.


Vent IP has Changed

For those of you that use the G33kspeak Ventrillo server the IP address has changed. The new IP address is:


2006 AMD Microsoft Tech Tour

techtour.jpgYesterday was the Tech Tour which was a lot of fun, but not as good as last year. They raised the price of the bundle and asked for a Tax ID to cut down on the people that were just there to get the bundle. Well, it worked! They also didn’t hand out the bundles until after the event was over. Last year people came until they handed out the bundles, then left. Those people that left last year missed out on all the FREE STUFF that they give away at the end. At the last event I won a Lightscribe Dual Layer DVD burner. It was cool to win, but I had just recently bought one so it wasn’t AWESOME…unlike that basturd that I work with. Last night they gave away a motherboard, 2 ATI 1600 video cards, and a game all on one drawing. Guess who wins, not me 🙁 but Nurd. On the real, I was really excited for him. It was cool that he won. He always messed with me about winning the year before because he said he never wins that kind of stuff. I guess good things come to those who wait. I tried to offer him the Lightscribe from last year to trade, but he declined. What an a$$ huh? Anyways the show this year was a lot of the same information as it was last year. That made it kind of boring. However, the Microsoft guy was a better speaker and had a dry sense of humor that was cracking me up. He demo’d the Vista OS, and the new Office that should be out this-next year. That was really cool to see. We loaded Vista a few months back but the beta was very buggy at that point. Now it’s pretty close to being released and it was nice. Definitely got me excited to use a new OS again. I got a lot of pens from the vendors, so I should be good for about a year. They also gave out 64 meg jump drives, viop headsets, and of course the desktop bundle that came with a mobo (not as good as last years), an AMD Athalon 4000+ processor, a copy of Windows XP, a beta copy of Vista, and a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Music sound card. So I think I’m going to use the new hardware to build another media center pc. I saw a new Antec case at Fry’s and last night at the Tech Tour that is really cool. Now I just need to figure out how I’m gonna pay for that…


Walking the Dog

chaseatcounter.jpgWe have had Chase for about almost 3 years now and I’m finally starting to walk him on a regular basis. I know I’m a horrible pet owner…blah, blah, blah. He has been going to dog parks and out on hikes and all kinds of other stuff, however, I have never got into a routine of taking him on a daily walk. One of the reasons I wanted to get a dog to begin with is so he could run with me. Now that I’m back to dieting and riding mountain bike I want to also start running again in the morning to help with my wieght loss. I know from past experience that I need to walk for about 2-3 weeks and then slowly start implementing running in order to keep from getting shin splints. So now I have been waking up at 5:45am and taking Chase on a 2 mile walk. Once I get to the point that I’m running some days will be 2 miles, some will be 3 miles, and a few will be 5 miles. I’m only planning on running 3 days a week at this point but I will still walk him on the other week days. Another reason I’m doing this is to condition chase so that he will be able to go on bike rides with me as well.


Sad to see him go

menmike.jpgLast weekend was our housewarming party, which went very well. If you go to Heather’s Myspace page she has a slideshow of it on there. None-the-less, my best friend since second grade came up for the weekend. It was really nice having someone around that I could talk about old times with. Someone who knows the streets, resturants, food, people, and places that were part of my childhood. We broke out the old high school year books and chopped it up about who was who, and where are they now. It has been a long time since I’ve seen him, and hopefully it won’t be that long again. It was nice having him around. He was good with the kids, and helped out around the house. Heather sent me a text message that she missed him already when we were on our way to the airport. So this is basically here to say, we enjoyed/appreciated the visit, he is missed, and we look forward to seeing Mike again in the future.