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Salmon Falls ::: Folsom Lake

salmonfalls.jpgToday I met up with a guy that I met on and rode about 22 miles out at Salmon Falls. I did the Sweetwater trail and then the Salmon Falls trail out and back. I didn’t do the Sweetwater on the way back. The guy I rode with was a stronger more experienced rider and he got back to his truck ahead of me and picked me up at the end of the Salmon Falls trail. There is a pretty nasty cliff at the begining of it that actually took a guys life a few years ago. Looking at the section online I didn’t think it was that bad, but being there in person gave me a whole new respect for it. The ride kicked my ass! I rode about 21 miles on Sat. here locally and now another 22 today. For a guy that just got back into this about a month ago and also had a surgery to recover from in that time, I’m really proud of how well I’m doing. The ride today was a “real” Mt. Bike trail compared to the fire/truck trails here in Rancho Muritea. None-the-less, thanks to 3034 for showing me around today. I had a blast!


Nuff said:



Best Friends

I’m really excited. My best friend since 2nd grade gave me a call the other day to let us know that he was going to come up for our house warming party and the rest of the weekend. I haven’t seen Mike in years, so it will be good to catch up! As I mentioned before I’ve known him since second grade and his house was basically a home away from home for me as I was growing up. When we first met, oddly enough, it turned out that his dad was my mom’s boss. She didn’t know that until she called his parents to talk about me going over to his house for a sleep-over. None-the-less, Mike and I have managed to stay good friends ever since then. We have never had an aurgument and always got along. Somehow we have managed to stay in touch over the years despite both of us moving several places around the US and Europe. I haven’t seen him since before Tre was born so there is a lot of catching up to do.


A new website

Heather wanted to put up a website for Rancho Murieta Mom’s to be able to chat, gossip, etc. so she recruited her favorite IT contractor. I meant to say her favorite IT slave. None-the-less it is always fun putting together a new site. I through this up in a couple hours basically by taking a skin from Phpbb’s site, skining the forums, and then using the skin for the main index page. I changed the skin around a little. It was a soccer theme but I made it a little more girly. Check it out at:
***Edit*** We no longer own/host this domain


Riding Rancho Murieta

Well I was feeling 100% until yesterday. Everything is feeling fine as far as the surgery goes, however, I was out riding yesterday and caught a rut with my front tire. My bike didn’t follow the law of inertia but I did…right over the handlebars. My hand sandwitched between the ground and my ribcage. I think I cracked a couple of em. Thank God I still have a bottle of Vicodan from the surgery. I know there isn’t anything you can do for ribs but wait it out. I’m sure I’ll be fine by next weekend.
Either way there are some nice trails out there. You can get a decent 12 miles out of the trails back there. Some of the hills are a little too steep to ride and some of the others I just need to build more endurance. I’m not sure how it’s going to be out there later in the summer, but right now there are a few really muddy spots. I took a swim in one of them too… None-the-less the trails out there are limited and a bunch of them are just real short connector trails. Although it is decent enough to get a good workout/ride before or after work as well as a decent weekend ride that is out my back door.