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Archive for March, 2006


Won’t be gamin much

As some of you know I am moving on Sunday. Of course as usual we have lagged on setting up an appointment for hooking up our internet. So this week I am trying my best to pack up our house and next week I don’t know if I will have an internet connection or not. So I’ll be out of the loop until I get back on-line. However I will be checking/posting on the forums. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of my neighbors has wireless… 🙂


One Week to Go

It’s so close I can taste it. Next Sunday we are packing up and moving out! Yay, our new house is finally finished. We have a walk-through on Mon. then next weekend we pack up. Then the following Mon. afternoon we get our keys and it’s finally ours. It’s going to be weird to be in a brand new house again. No paint on the walls, no yard….lot’s of work to be done. Well we planned on being in this house for 5 years and made it 3. The new house we plan on being in for like 20 so maybe we can make it ten. Then at least I don’t have to move for awhile.


Kids are sick

It seems like everytime we get back from Washington the kids are sick. I will give them the benifit of the doubt that Trent had a cough before he went up there. A week later when we got back he didn’t seem to be any better. Next thing you know we are up in the middle of the night scrubbing puke out of our carpet. Honestly, that is why I wanted to be a father. So Heather had a conference for work today and tommorrow so she is out of the house. Everything was set up so all I had to do is take the kids to school and pick em up. Trent seemed to be doing better after 2 days of all the drugs the doctor prescribed. Low and behold 2 am last night my little princess decided that she wanted to partake in the carpet puking extravagansa. So her I am, home with two sick kids and no wife. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I’m just as sick as they are/were so I can tell you right now this weekend is going to be a mild one. Hopefully Kaira and myself is well enough for Trent to be able to go to baseball practice tommorrow. He is getting his uniform and they are taking the team pictures tommorrow. I hope he doesn’t have to miss it.


Back from Washington

Last week Heather had the house to herself and Trent, Kaira, and myself were all out of town. I had some work to do at our Eugene and Portland offices so I asked Heather’s mom if she wanted me to bring the kids up for the week so she could spend some time with them. Of course she wanted to and fortunately she had enough vacation. I worked an unbelievable amount of hours but all in all I got a lot of work done. Then kids had the time of thier lives with Grandma and Papa having “Pizza and Hotdog Days” as well as “Pirate Treasure Hunts.” On the way up there we almost got in a really bad accident because of hitting some unexpected slush while going over the mountains. Put it this way we were doing 70 mph doughnuts on the freeway. Trent said, “That was fun dad, lets do it again!” It scared the shit outta me. Ignorance is bliss… None-the-less, I had a great time but it’s nice to be back at home with my wife, and in our home again.