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Archive for January, 2006


Been Busy

I haven’t posted in about 2 weeks. I’ve been busy with selling the house, my Amf(L) site, being sick w/my family, having house guests, work, and my new going to the gym lifestyle. That’s the major things I’ve been up to. I’m still gaming though…just not as much. I’ll post some more tommorrow or later tonight.


Sold our home…

sold.jpgWe finally sold our house. We were just about to give up on the new house and a buyer finally made an offer. Unfortunately it was much lower then what we originally listed for but it sold, so we are happy. We were going to go up to sign papers to release the sale of the new house to the public since our home hadn’t sold yet and the night before we got a call that someone was going to come and look at a few houses the next day and put an offer on one of them. Low and behold they choose our house. So Heather is happy that she is going to get the new house and the kids are stoked to be able to have STAIRS.


Da1337ed the Forums

Well I recieved a grade A Retard award the other night. In the process of building a sub-domain for my site I deleted my personal forums. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!! Sorry I just had to get that out. None-the-less I got the forums back up in about 15 mins. However all the past posts are gone…forever. 🙁 Sorry guys


AMF(L) Reunion

amfl.gifI got an e-mail from an old Army buddy tonight that caught me off gaurd. I spoke with him a few months back and figured that would be the last I heard from him in a long time. Not that I didn’t think that we would keep in touch but I know how life grabs a hold of you and makes time go faster then you thought. Speaking of it’s been seven and a half years since I got out of the Army. WTF happen to all that time. Anyways these crazy basturds are trying to get everyone back together for a reunioun of some sort. That sounds like a good time but I don’t think I have money for bail!


Up the Mountain

trucksinsnow.jpgI finally made it up to Tahoe to go skiing. However my never needing chains luck finally came to an end. One other time in the past I was told there was chain control when I was leaving but by the time I got out of the parking lot it was over. This time however I wasn’t so lucky. I ended up having to backtrack about 10 miles to get some chains because the place that was selling them didn’t have a phone line. I guess they were down at the time. So by the time I got back to the chain control point there was an accident and I spent the next hour just sitting, waiting, and watching.
None-the-less I finally made it to Heavenly and got a half-day pass. Which I might add I took and ass screwing for…$50. Can you believe that for a half day? The good part was that it was dumping all day long and the entire mountain was pretty much powder. So for the first time up this year I was powder skiiing all day. So to say the least I am sore as hell now. I can’t wait to get back up there.