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Archive for July, 2005


Damn Dog

I swear if it wasn’t for the wife and the kids liking that lab sooo much I would have already taken him out on a hunting trip and had some sort of wardrobe malfunction with him and the rifle. He hasn’t chewed up anything since he was a puppy in the house and the last few days I’ve been finding stuff that the little *choice word here* has chewed up. Just a minute ago I got up to check on Kaira because she was crying and low and behold he just finished chewing up one of Heather’s bras. Those things are expensive. I’m telling you his debt to benifit ratio is really not looking in his favor so far. Please tell me there is an end to this madness. Someone told us with a lab, you won’t have a good dog until they hit about 5…..hmmm….when’s hunting season?


Nice to have her back

For the last week Heather has been away in Dallas, Tx on a business trip. The last time she went on this trip her grandmother came down to watch the kids so it wasn’t that bad. However this time I was left with the kids myself. Which isn’t bad either, but it is a lot of work. I grew a new respect for the single parent over the last week. It was hard to get up early enough to get three people ready for their day, feed the kids, pack their lunches, and get them to school before going to work myself. Not to mention the same ritual on the way home. Sit in a hour of commutting traffic to then pick up the kids, make dinner, try to enjoy them for a few mins, give them a bath, get them ready for bed, then clean up after them and myself. It seemed like such a long day until it was late enough for me to have a little personal relaxation time. So over the last week I found out I not looking forward to being a single father and am very happy that my wife is back here at my side!



I’m just sitting on my back porch right now relaxing, drinking a Heineken, smoking a cigarette, enjoying the ambiance of the world, and of course messing around on my laptop. As I have been sitting here I just started thinking about how much I like technolgy and how different our lives are from someone a hundred years ago life was. Technology has made such an impact on our daily lives that it has completely changed the way that society operates. Here I am in what was once open land just surfing the net with the world at my fingers. That is just amazing to me!


You know your a g33k when>>>>

Your startbar in windows looks like this:


Allergies in Sac

I’m just here to complain about the allergies I have been suffering from since I moved to Sacramento. It’s a drag. Wake up….Headache….go to sleep….headache. That’s just great! Then I go to the doctor and he gives me a bunch of stuff to take that probably won’t start working for like 2 weeks. That’s just great too! To top it off he wants me to get a Catscan of my head so he can look at my sinuses. Sounds good and logical to me until I’m standing at the nurses station and she tells me my co-pay is $50. So the first doctor’s appt. copay, medication, and a catscan. Now I’m out $95 and still have a headache!


Back up and running SmoOOoth!

After a little time away and I few bumps during install I got the blog up and running again. So for those of you that asked what happen to the site….here it is! I have added a bunch of new pics in the photo album, a guestbook for all of you to sign, and some forums. Feel free to leave your mark wherever! Thanks for stopping by!